Air Sniper - Pro
Air Sniper - Pro
Air Sniper - Pro
Air Sniper - Pro
Air Sniper - Pro
Air Sniper - Pro
Air Sniper - Pro
Air Sniper - Pro

Air Sniper - Pro

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The Air Sniper Pro was designed and developed to sterilize the air rather than filter it. We achieved this by maximizing both the UVGI output and our patented photocatalytic element that increases the effective photocatalytic surface area dramatically. The performance results are an amazing 99.9% destruction rate for microorganisms and a significant first pass reduction in volatile organic compounds (VOCs can be large molecules and will sometimes require multiple passes through unit to eliminate completely). It’s also designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

airmid healthgroup completed third party testing on the Air Sniper technology. You can see the results of their tests by clicking here.

  • Plug and Play (for easy installation)
  • 3x Photocatalytic Elements
  • 6x Ultra High Intensity 18-Watt UVC lamps (108 watts total)
  • Cleanable Pre-Filter
  • Patented Photocatalytic Elements
  • Three UVGI Chambers
  • Adjustable Fan Speed (70 – 130 CFM)
  • Auto Filter Detection
  • Auto Lamp Detection
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Suggested Coverage 1300 Cubic feet with recommended air turnover every 10 minutes
  • Produces 0% Ozone
  • Multitask colour touchscreen for maintenance and manual monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for remote monitoring and control
  • Destroys 99.9% of pathogen
  • Made in Canada
Lease To Own Price
  • $7,750 +hst for a package of 2 units (Min. 2 unit order for leasing)
  • First 3 payments of $99.00
  • Next 33 payments of $288.92.
  • 36 month Term, $10 Buyout 
  • other terms from 24 months to 60 months are available

Business Financing:

Please more info and multi unit inquiries please contact