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Dwell Time


Effectively killing airborne pathogens requires high volumes of UV intensity. In Air Sniper units, this intensity comes from multiple UVC bulbs that create a wall of UVC to effectively irradiate contaminants.

Intensity drops by 75% every time distance doubles from the UV light source. To ensure effective levels of irradiation, Air Sniper equipment ensures pathogens are always within close proximity to the UVC bulbs as they pass through the unit into the facility.

Dwell time is the time a contaminant spends within the proper UVC intensity level. Air Sniper equipment is designed to provide the dwell time required throughout the equipment to kill pathogens.

CFM and Dwell time are directly related to maintaining effectiveness. Increased CFM allows the units to have the industrial capacity. This is balanced with proximity and dwell time to ensure contact with the UVC bulbs.

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Air Sanitization Technology

The difference between your typical air purifier and Air Sniper lies in the power of the technology. By combining elements of intensity, proximity, dwell time, and CFM, Air Sniper has developed a solution that properly applies Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation to our UVC technology, and is suitable for industrial-scale applications.
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All Air Sniper equipment comes with a Three-Year limited warranty on products under normal use