FebriDx and COVID-19 Triaging

FebriDx® and COVID-19 Triaging

The COVID-19 pandemic is placing a significant additional burden on all healthcare settings. Rapid identification of COVID-19 patients is critical to enable immediate isolation to prevent the spread of infection.

Molecular tests are available for SARS-CoV-2 but have been shown to have sub-optimal sensitivity and a turnaround time of ≥ 48 hours, causing delays in diagnosis which hampers patient isolation.1-2

During viral pandemics it is also imperative to ensure that patients with bacterial infections are not missed.3

FebriDx® is a highly sensitive and specific point-of-care (POC) test for both viral and bacterial infections. FebriDx® rapid viral vs. bacterial POC test can triage patients in just 10 minutes.4-5
  • Rapidly diagnose viral patients
  • Facilitate immediate patient isolation
  • Ensure patients with bacterial infections are not missed
  • Rule out non-clinically significant infection

Assess Your Patients Before They Enter the Emergency Department

FebriDx Process Flow

Clinical Evidence

 Two UK studies prospectively evaluated the real-world diagnostic accuracy of FebriDx® for the identification of COVID-19 in hospitalised adults.6-7

FebriDx® was highly accurate in identifying COVID-19 infections and detected cases that were missed by SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR.6-7

FebriDx® viral negative patients can be rapidly cohorted in non-COVID-19 areas allowing viral positive patients to be immediately isolated whilst awaiting confirmatory PCR testing.6

“FebriDx® could be rapidly deployed as a front door triage tool in hospitals and urgent care centers to overcome current issues of delayed diagnosis from PCR testing.”7

Study Left  Study Right

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